Art access 2013 show

Art Access is a portfolio development program for high school students that I teach at a local art center. Students apply to the program and are accepted based on a portfolio review. Each year the program offers students the opportunity to participate in an assortment of art experiences including: studio visits to local professional artists, museum trips, National Portfolio Day in Boston, community projects, organizing fundraisers, access to materials and techniques not always available in public school settings (like nude figure drawing and furnace glass blowing), and setting up an end of the year show of their work in a gallery.

This year we had six students participate in the program and these are some pictures from their show that went up last Friday.


Scribble Fish

This is a project that I discovered from an art teacher that I observed in Keene, NH. I loved how this project can be used to introduce basic cutting and gluing skills. My kids really enjoy learning about line through scribbling exercises and also had a blast creating the water effect for their ponds.


Optical Art

This is a handout that I used for my fourth grader Op Art Cubes. I haven't taken pictures of the final product but I drew out most of the handout and found it to be really helpful for the students.



These are some pictures of my new classroom. It's taken a while to get it organized but it's almost there.  I am thrilled to say that I have three sinks! Before the move I did not have any. I also have drawing easels for 24 students and an office. I often color coordinate things so there will be more detailed pictures soon on classroom organization.

Keith Haring Prints

First graders just finished their printmaking unit. We looked at the artist Keith Haring for inspiration. Students used cardboard pieces to create the row of black printed figures. On day two they used flexible foam pieces to create the row of primary colored figures. We talked about movement and line on the third day when they added the action lines before matting the work.