Ice Breakers

I would like to create a list of art related ice breakers that I have found and used. I hope others will add to this list.

Height and Length Challenge
Using either clay or found materials like tape, newspaper, yarn, etc. have students break out into groups. Then ask them to make the tallest structure they can that will support the weight of a marble or some other object within a set period of time. Then have students compete to create the longest bridge structure that can still have a finger fit underneath all areas. No supports may be used except on ends of the bridge. 

Master Puzzle
1. Prior to class I print out 4 or 5 artworks by a variety of famous artists. On the backside of each artwork I photocopy essential questions for students to answer. Sometimes they will start out with simple things like ... What is your name? What did you have for breakfast? Do you have a favorite animal? Then the questions move on to important classroom questions like... Where can you find the rules for the class? What do you do if you have a question? Where are the sinks? 
2. I laminate each puzzle. Then cut them into 4 or 5 pieces. I toss them into a hat or basket.
3. When students arrive they each choose a puzzle piece. 
4. They they have to find the other students with pieces to their puzzle and sit down with them. 
5. Once they assemble their puzzle, they flip it over and begin taking turns answering each of the questions on the back. 

Paper Ball Fight
1. Students create 3 quick drawings of things that are about them. For example... favorite food, sports they like, favorite musicians, # of people in the family etc.
2. Each drawing is then crumpled into a ball. (Students will need to know this before they start drawing!)
3. When everyone is ready... the paper fight begins!
4. Once all papers have taken flight, each student will need to gather three from the floor.
5. Everyone gathers into a circle and each student takes a turn opening one ball at a time, sharing the picture, and then guessing who it might belong to.
*Students will need to make these drawings quickly. Therefore some of them might be difficult to understand. Before sharing, students will need to discuss respectful responses and caring behavior.

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