These are some pictures of my new classroom. It's taken a while to get it organized but it's almost there.  I am thrilled to say that I have three sinks! Before the move I did not have any. I also have drawing easels for 24 students and an office. I often color coordinate things so there will be more detailed pictures soon on classroom organization.

Keith Haring Prints

First graders just finished their printmaking unit. We looked at the artist Keith Haring for inspiration. Students used cardboard pieces to create the row of black printed figures. On day two they used flexible foam pieces to create the row of primary colored figures. We talked about movement and line on the third day when they added the action lines before matting the work. 


Tree of giving thanks

In those days right before Thanksgiving when students were all excited for their vacation I decided to have them help me decorate a bulletin board that I had just taken down. I had them draw their hands first and then put their name on the thumb. They had to come up with four things they were thankful for to put into each of their fingers. They were allowed to color and decorate their hands any way they wanted to. I made the tree and branches from scrap construction paper and then had students choose where they wanted their hands placed. They were all very excited to see how it came out the next week they came to class and it looks great in my room!