Full swing!

Well, I'm in the midst of my second week of school and wow! I'm already a little worn out. I see over 100 kids a day and don't know how to keep up. I have bursts of energy and also moments of hopelessness. The kids certainly do keep me going. They are so excited and enthusiastic that it is hard not to be right there with them. I try not to lose my patience when students get disruptive and to remain calm when it seems like all "you know what" might break loose. But in the end it's a lot of hard work! Here are some before and after pictures of the revamping I've been working on to get ready for school in 3 "new to me" classrooms.

I started out with one room like this   
A bunch of randomness everywhere!       

 Then I started to organize! I got colored bins, started some bulletin boards, used a lot of blogs for help.
A cafeteria classroom... before

This is all the space I have in my second cafeteria classroom! I haven't organized anything yet in this picture.

These are some pictures of the first room I started to organize after about 16 hours of clean up.

 Some storage boxes for each class that I see through out the day. It helps me keep the work separated and easier to find.

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