I have to say that I never realized how much time is taken up at the elementary level sharpening pencils. Why don't I let the kids do it? Well, one reason is that my pencil sharpeners are terrible! I've already had two electric sharpeners die on me and my manual ones shred the pencils! Also, I have found that students k-4 are obsessed with sharpening their pencils. They would be perfectly happy if I just let them sharpen their pencils all class (they purposely break their pencils so they have a reason to go to the sharpener!) I don't know what to do? The other day I spent an entire prep block sharpening and sharpening. Next year I am going to buy the most expensive industrial sharpener so that I won't destroy my hands at the manual sharpener.

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  1. HAHA! I agree! The pencil sharpening can be quite time consuming!